ADA Gala Honoree

     Mario Mendias founded My Fit Foods in 2007. The mission was to "provide fresh, healthy foods to go that taste great at an affordable price." He concentrated on providing all their meals and snacks with lean proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates and heart healthy fats.
      Mendias was a personal trainer when he started to get the urge to learn more about nutrition, knowing that working out is not the only and best way to get results. He learned that one's diet and providing good fuel for the body is the uttermost importance in being healthy. 

“Clients working their tail off in the gym and not getting the results they should…every personal trainer’s nightmare.  As a personal trainer, I knew that nutrition was 80% of my client’s health and fitness goal, but it was the one part I could not control…or could I?”    - Mario
     With that being said, in 2006 he began cooking nutritional inspired meals that were prepackaged for his clients, who were too busy to cook or even to cook healthy at all; it eventually led to cooking for the whole gym. Not having the space or man power for the demand of his meals he expanded in 2007 with the help of restaurant pioneer Anthony Milton. In 2013 that expansion has led to over 60 locations across Texas and even locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Oklahoma.

     Mario's goal to provide healthy foods for people on the go has made him a true success story from a true Texan and that is why he is the ADA 2013 Honoree.